I have been teaching piano and harp lessons since 1998.  I started playing the piano at age five and the harp at age ten.  In my opinion, it is never really too early to learn to play an instrument and it is definitely never too late!  I have five adult students and 30+ children--all of whom I love teaching!   

I was born in Washington, D.C.  (You Texans, please don't hold that against me!)  During those years, I played for many weddings and parties; at Embassies; for Chief Justices, Presidential Candidates, etc.  I also taught lessons on the side.  
I love music and I loved being able to impart that to my students.   
Then a young man, named Drew Allison entered my life.  And somehow, this gun-slinging, Southern-talking, duck, deer and hog hunter convinced me to marry him and move to TEXAS! 
That was a little over three years ago and he is the love of my life and has definitely made it worth it to move here! 
I have not advertised for students; but rather my studio has grown through word-of-mouth.
I am very grateful for the privilege of interacting with and learning alongside of each of my students. 
Thanks for visiting this website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Blessings, Brie Allison

Email: drewandbrie@gmail.com

Phone: 903.353.3233